Marketing Automation & Contact Strategy

Inglesina Baby SpA is the leading Italian company for the production of baby products, with over 50 years of experience and passion for the work.


Expand on target insight, structure customer journeys accordingly, improve existing customer relationships by increasing Customer Lifetime Value, and stimulate drive-to-store actions with an emphasis on up/cross-selling.


4 Marketing Automation flows to communicate with the parents during the most important growth phases of the child. Starting with an initial profiling phase, leading into customized and targeted actions.

With Marketing Automation we engage with parents during the most important moments of their baby's life cycle. We succeeded in profiling more than 8% of our Customer Base in just one month, increasing its interest in non-core product as well.
Inglesina Case Study

Results achieved

Building quality relationship means knowing the customer and gaining his trust starting from, for example, the birth of a childaccompanying them along all of life’s milestones birth of a child. This path begins even before the due-date, a key field upon which the entire Marketing Automation project is based.