Journey Manager: Full control over all interactions.

Journey Manager is a magnews module that allows companies and brands to build projects on the platform, design customer journeys and monitor business results.


Define, design, build your integrated communication project.
Design the entire customer journey of your customers for the success of your company.

Strategic map.
Journey Designer.

Define the brand strategy model that links business objectives to contact states with their representative data and touchpoints to be activated. With the Strategy Map, step by step you create the foundations of your projects based on concrete KPIs. Build business goals:

Acquire: Increase Brand visibility to expand the top of the funnel and acquire new contacts.

Convert: Drive contacts to perform actions of value to the Brand

Expand: Increase the value and frequency of valuable actions taken by contacts, increasing their loyalty

Indicate for each objective the allocated funds and your brand and customer touchpoints. Define the business information to be captured through the touchpoints that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Strategic map.

Design Journey specifications that go to act on each state of the contact, defined in the Strategic Map, to make them perform actions of value to the brand.

Define a contact start status and a close status that will match your business objective.

Build the Journey using assets (landing, workflow, communication, etc. ...); link them together based on the path that best suits your brand.

Create a journey with one or more objectives at the same time, define the business path and the relative percentage or number of contacts that will ensure your journey is fulfilled.

I want to convert ... into ... "lead - customer - loyal customer - prospect - anonymous".

Journey Designer.

Monitor, analyze and modify your strategy, thanks to dashboards that will allow you to constantly check the performance of your Journey and Strategy Map in real time.

  • Check the status steps of your contacts and therefore where you are in relation to your initial goals.
  • Check your investment: how much your contact is worth compared to the result of conversions.
  • Check your touchpoints: which ones perform and in which journey.
  • Take action on channels that are not generating business value.

Benefits of
Journey Manager

More effective Customer Journey management with better business outcomes with Journey Manager tools.

Strategy Map, a tool that allows you to define the high-level Customer Journey Strategy directly linked to the Business Objectives of the Brand, to monitor and review it periodically, always updated and in line with the activities and individual projects.

Journey Design, clear and defined goals, directly measurable and measured KPIs, and a design and monitoring tool for individual Journeys.

Direct access and control over the individual operational assets (workflow, web, social, communications, etc.) that make up each project through Journey Lab.

Clear, immediate and up-to-date overview on all three levels from strategy, through individual Journeys to the operational level, with regular monitoring and constant intervention and updating.

and definitions

customer journey

Customer Journey.

Indicates the process that a customer or potential customer goes through when they approach the Brand, generally out of a relevant need.



This is a specific part of this process that the Brand decides to oversee. It has a clear objective and measurable KPIs, and uses a series of assets and touchpoints.



This tool is an operational asset that allows you to automatically activate a series of interactions with the contact, through different touchpoints.

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