Strategic map

The Strategic Map is the magnews tool that allows you to organize projects based on your business objectives by defining the target audience, channels and information of value for the brand.


Why do you
need it?                               

There are so many tools available but never something that allows me to organize and line up the objectives of the company in terms of operational aspects.

The Strategic Map offers me a tool that works for both the Management, to provide an overview of what we do, as well as the operational department, to give them a strategic overview of operations and to organize projects.

Elisabetta Bruno – Magnews Chief Marketing Officer

An overview of all projects the brand is involved in to
achieve business goals.

Objectives & Contact Status.
Define business data.
Touchpoint selection for each objective.
Single Project View.
Build Journeys.


Objectives & Contact Status.

Each goal corresponds to a contact status. Communication aims to put the brand in front of existing or prospective customers. To activate a communication it is necessary to define a channel, and in our case we often start with the simplest one, an "email".

Obviously, this alone is not enough, so it will be necessary to associate to each objective an advancement of the contact in our database in order to understand which project to implement in regard to "only" the correct target.

Let's start from the identification of macro objectives and target clusters:

Build business objectives:

Acquire: Increase Brand visibility to expand the top of the funnel and acquire new contacts.

Convert: Drive contacts to perform actions of value to the Brand

Expand: Increase the value and frequency of valuable actions taken by contacts, increasing their loyalty

Objectives & Contact Status.


Define business data

A fundamental step is to consider what information is required to get to know the customer that will contribute "only" towards attaining your conversion and loyalty goals.

Don't make the mistake of asking for the same data by having the same people fill out the same form over and over again, or asking for data that isn't fundamental to sell additional products.


Define business data.


Touchpoint selection for each objective:

We have defined the objectives in relation to the contact states; for each one we have associated the information that will contribute towards achieving the business objectives. At this point, all that remains is to match the objectives with the corresponding touchpoint.

If we have an objective of lead generation, the channels will have to be those of contact acquisition, and the status of the contact will be from Anonymous to Lead.

Once the touchpoints have been listed, thanks to the Strategic Map, we will already know what information to insert in the relative form; in fact, we can simply draw from step 2 of the data.


Touchpoint selection for each objective.


Single Project View

The Strategy Map allows you to have an overview of all the projects of the brand in order to reach your business goals.

You can constantly monitor the progress of your contacts in the various states and check what percentage of your business goals you have achieved.


Single Project View.


Build the Journeys!

At this point, we have organized and defined our goals for building projects. The next step is then to build Customer Journeys with Journey Design.


Build Journeys.

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