Tools and Materials:
part of a true knowledge hub.

The Partner Program is designed for companies that want to build added-value projects, and is divided into three main areas: Partner Portal, Partner Certifications and Partner Meeting.


The portal dedicated to you, our Partners,
where you can:

Upload the Leads you are working on so that they will be reserved for you

Access the Training Portal

See active MagNews accounts

Access Marketing material and the Sales Kit, with tools to support your sales process

Access all past events/livestreams on-demand


The certification program
for our courses.

Certificates covering Partner Certification, i.e. a structured plan of certifications divided into three training strands (Sell & Manage, Communicate & Analyze, Integrate & Customize) for those companies interested in this.

Our training modules are always up-to-date and available via an eLearning platform

Sell & Manage
Communicate & Analyze.
Integrate & Personalize.

Sell & Manage.


Magnews Sales.


To enable partners to create effective DEMOs on magnews, to present, relevantly and in the best way possible for the relevant brands, the capabilities of the platform and how the different features can be used to carry out Integrated Communication solutions of value to the brand.

Magnews Administrator


To engender partner awareness of the different elements that contribute to the creation of an effective magnews setup and to enable them to carry out new customer onboarding.

Brand Reputation and Code of Ethics


To raise partner awareness about the importance of the issues set out in the Code of Conduct for good contact base management, and how these dynamics, if underestimated and not properly managed, can lead to significant negative impacts on the Partner's business or its Customers.

Communicate & Analyze.


Magnews Campaign Specialist


To engender partner awareness of the different types of full-service that exist and empower them to implement value-driven, quality, comprehensive services for their clients with a focus on operational effectiveness.

Magnews Template Specialist


To enable partners to realize, both from a graphic and technical/operational point of view, dedicated templates on the brand identity and on the specific needs of the customer.

Magnews Automation Specialist


To enable partners to design and directly implement advanced Automation scenarios on the magnews tool to support customers' business.

Magnews Web Experience Specialist


To enable partners to design, configure and implement web assets such as Landing Pages, Surveys, Forms and On-site Messages directly on the magnews tool.

Integrate & Personalize.


Magnews Integration Specialist


To engender partner awareness of the different ways in which magnews can be integrated with external systems/ecosystems and to enable them, operationally, to carry out configuration activities for connectors, basic integrations with PO and WS integrations.

Magnews APP Builder


Magnews APP Builder is designed to enable partners to develop magnews APPs that customize integration functionalities/modalities enabled within the platform, using the magnews framework's SDK (ScriptingAPI).


Partner Meeting:

appointments for discussing magnews opportunities and developments, telling us about case studies and keeping us updated on developments and roadmaps

We are creating a community that we are looking to grow together, to build an increasingly valuable collaboration. Our Partner Meetings are appointments for discussing MagNews opportunities and developments, telling us about case studies and updating us on evolutions and roadmaps.

The most important thing for us will be comparing notes with you, receiving feedback and criticism so we can work together and improve, and also telling us what works, why and to what extent!

Creating a relationship between companies and consumers that can generate business value for both in a mutually successful experience


Over humankind’s long history, those who have learned to collaborate and improvise more effectively have triumphed



A dedicated Partners’ section with a page dedicated to each one, with initial commercial contact references. There is the option of adding case studies and materials for download, as well as dedicated sections for in-depth analysis in premium mode!


We use our PR network to promote our partnership, project choices, agreements and case studies.

Visibility in trade magazines, vertical publications, and partner networks such as Netcomm, Business International, Money, and so on.

webinars, events, academy

An extensive network of events including Richmond, Netcomm Forum, Web Marketing Festival and much more, for participating together or promoting your initiatives.

Option to participate in and/or organize themed live events with a view to visibility and lead generation. Finally, our Academy will be starting up again! We need instructors!

case studies

The best visibility comes from sharing our case studies, our customers’ results. We will have the opportunity to use all the magnews channels to promote and provide visibility, with the goal, of course, of new business and up/cross-selling for your clients.

Become a partner!

Create a relationship between companies and consumers that can generate business value for both in a fruitful experience.

We are creating a community that we want to grow together to build an increasingly valuable collaboration.

Partner Program, the magnews solution that allows you to become part of a true knowledge hub, designed to foster skills and business growth.