Partner: think by diennea

With the support of magnews’ marketing automation integrated to our CRM, we have been able not only to improve and more effectively monitor our existing communication flows, but also to imagine new ones to reach our supporters at the time that is best and most suited to their needs – for a donor-centered fundraising strategy, this is essential.



Maximize the likelihood of conversion by people browsing ActionAid’s adoption landing page.

Marketing Automation & CRM Integration.

An integration between magnews and CRM to trigger an automated flow that can incentivize a little yet great good deed.


With ActionAid, you make change happen.

Independent international organization committed to fighting the causes of poverty and malnutrition. It acts on the ground for the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

THE PARTNER think by diennea is a Digital Service Agency.

Specialized in integrated communication projects, it manages projects aimed at achieving the business objectives of companies, from strategy to execution.


Convert “pledges” of support into adoptions.

Incentivize conversion action from the many users who landed on ActionAid’s long-distance adoption landing page and did not complete the donation process.


Increase the number of long-distance supports.

Stimulate conversion of those who have shown interest.


Create a Marketing Automation workflow integrated with magnews and CRM.

Thanks to an efficient integration between magnews and CRM, we have designed and implemented a workflow to boost conversion actions, alternating touchpoints and optimizing both content and engagement times.

The DEMs sent to users have been dynamically customized with the contact’s personal data and the details of the child adopted remotely.

Channels: Website, email

Technology: magnews, Mentor CRM

Target Audience: B2C


Marketing Automation has enabled faster tracking of requests (promised, revoked, converted). Magnews has allowed the automated sending of targeted communications to the CRM of the events recorded by the contacts on the communications received (DEM, SMS, etc.) and has made the multichannel nature of the brand more effective through the use of online and offline channels.

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