Survey, form, landing page:
Web interaction within your control

Magnews allows you to manage your communication online: create custom forms, coordinate your landing pages, manage surveys and customer care, and improve the master data of your db.

Customize and track the entire UX on your channels.

Profile for customizing and achieving business goals.


The landing page is the beginning of the customer’s journey, and thanks to magnews you can easily and effectively create landing pages that are customized to the visitor, to multiply the chances of conversion.


L’atterraggio è l’inizio del viaggio, e grazie a magnews puoi realizzare con semplicità ed efficacia landing page personalizzate in base al visitatore, per moltiplicare le possibilità di conversione.


With magnews you can create versatile, flexible and progressive forms, automatically customizing the fields to the recipient, connecting them to the db to accelerate your communication and marketing paths.


Magnews allows you to enhance the performance and UX of your websites, customizing content and each user’s browsing experience, with pop-ups, sections and entire pages that interact automatically.

Magnews offers you the opportunity to design multidimensional reports, real-time data and integration with BI tools for maximum control and responsiveness.


Drag & Drop Editor.

A powerful and versatile editor to easily create your pages, Mobile First and compatible with all browsers.

Dynamic content.

Visibility rules and conditions to automatically customize content for each individual contact.

Image Editor.

Adapt your images to the correct formats for your content with the integrated in-platform editor.


Use the set of standard templates that can be customized to meet any need or design your own.


With a single template you can manage content in different languages to adapt surveys and landing pages for each language.

Profile enrichment.

Enrich the profile of your contacts directly from data entered into the fields in the forms and surveys.

Magnews for eCommerce
End-to-end solution for business results.

With magnews you integrate your sales platform to follow the Customer Journey of users who come into contact with your customers’ eCommerce offerings.

Find out how to increase your revenue, streamline your work and build customer loyalty.

Become a Partner!

Create a relationship between companies and consumers that can generate business value for both in a fruitful experience.


We are creating a community that we want to grow together to build an increasingly valuable collaboration.

Partner Program, the magnews solution that allows you to become part of a true knowledge hub, designed to foster skills and business growth.

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