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AMP for email has allowed us to offer Findomestic users a better experience, while making it faster and more interactive. We’re still testing new approaches to find which content is most effective, but we’re already seeing significant improvements across all metrics.



Ensure a noteworthy user experience that can make email the primary point of contact for lead generation and conversion.

AMP for Email.

Improve the conversion performance of the email channel with the integration of interactive messages with a great impact on the recipient.


Italian credit institution.

A solid consumer credit company founded in 1984, it operates responsibly towards its stakeholders to create shared value and foster mutual benefit.

THE PARTNER think by diennea is a Digital Service Agency.

Specialized in integrated communication projects, it manages projects aimed at achieving the business objectives of companies, from strategy to execution.


Email Communication.

Maintain high engagement of their contacts on the email channel through constant content/layout updates and tracking of results.


Improve email channel performance.


Introducing AMP emails that allow the recipient to interact with the email itself, choosing the banking product they need. A protocol that transforms communications, making them interactive. Findomestic has decided to embrace this technology in its messages, with the aim of improving the user’s experience of accessing the email itself.

More specifically: the communication was aimed at calculating the installment of a new loan, a Findomestic upselling action. Users choose the project to be carried out (by clicking on the icon), change the amount they want (in the drop-down menu) and the algorithm produces the amount due and the interest rates. All this happens within the email itself.

Canali: email

Tecnologia: magnews, AMP Email

Target Audience: B2C

The results

This new implementation has achieved clear results: the A|B test on Black Friday communications (AMP vs. classic)

The numbers speak for themselves, but that wasn’t the only improvement. Findomestic has created, thanks to AMP email, a continuous and fluid experience in the relationship between brand and communication recipient, offering up something new with a definitive impact.


click rate


open rate

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