Secure, customized, interactive.

In 2021, emailing turned 50 years old, and long may it continue!

Email is still the ideal communication channel for any need. It has changed a lot and will continue change a lot, and we will always be at your side to suggest the most effective solutions for your business.

Magnews: 20 years in email marketing.

History, evolution, innovation.


Our drag and drop editor is called Giotto, and it will turn you into a true email marketing artist!

Easy, fast, professional, extremely flexible and intuitive: creating and editing eye-catching and effective emails is really simple.


Magnews is among the top solutions in the world to support Google’s AMP 4 Email protocol for sending dynamic, interactive emails.
Impress your contacts with even faster and more amazing content!


We provide you with the best predictive algorithms that set the ideal delivery time, evaluate the most effective content variant for each recipient and optimize each communication to its maximum potential, providing you with excellent performance and results!


In-depth multidimensional reports and analysis thanks to a section dedicated to insights, to monitor, analyze and optimize all communications in order to achieve your KPIs.


Dynamic content.

Automatically customize your communications and content for each individual recipient.

Image Editor.

Adapt your images to the correct formats for your communications with the built-in platform editor.


With a single template, you can manage your communications in different languages with bespoke content for each language.

Inbox Preview.

Preview your communications on more than 100 different combinations of browsers, mail clients and devices.

Spam Check.

Analyze your messages with one click for spam filter- and blacklist-proof communications.

Engagement Score.

Segment your contacts based on email interactions and optimize your communication strategy.

Magnews for eCommerce
End-to-end solution for business results.

With magnews you integrate your sales platform to follow the Customer Journey of users who come into contact with your customers’ eCommerce offerings.

Find out how to increase your revenue, streamline your work and build customer loyalty.

Become a Partner!

Create a relationship between companies and consumers that can generate business value for both in a fruitful experience.


We are creating a community that we want to grow together to build an increasingly valuable collaboration.

Partner Program, the magnews solution that allows you to become part of a true knowledge hub, designed to foster skills and business growth.

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