CRM Marketing:
Customer relationships last forever, thanks to magnews CRM Marketing.

Centralize real-time data and control customer information, creating virtuous paths to loyalty, retention and throughout their entire life cycle.


Why do you
need it?

Preca Brummel’s goal was to centralize in a single system the management of all users’ information assets, coming from both physical stores as well as digital channels.


The strengths of magnews CRM Marketing:


Collect the entire wealth of customer information in a single contact sheet and access a unique customer view.

Make your messages extraordinary thanks to customizations on reading and purchasing behaviors.

Plan timely data enrichment and customer base qualification actions.

Pilot next best actions and optimize conversion results.

Business goals success stories

Customers and partners: case studies that show how

magnews makes it possible to work for the success of companies.

Privacy Management and Data Protection:

Our commitment to your most important asset.

We consider privacy management and the protection of Personal Data to be essential. Discover our tools and processes for full GDPR compliance.

We work

for the success of companies

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