Multi-channel marketing automation: build relationships, get to know your customers and increase sales.

Attract the attention of your customers and put your foot on the accelerator of customer engagement, thanks to the renewed marketing automation & personalization module of magnews.


Why do you
need it?

With the support of magnews’ marketing automation integrated to our CRM, we have been able not only to improve and more effectively monitor our existing communication flows, but also to imagine new ones to reach our supporters at the time that is best and most suited to their needs – for a donor-centered fundraising strategy, this is essential.



Marketing Automation

Email, SMS, push notification, website and ecommerce are just some of the channels you have available when you create a successful workflow with magnews. To do this, focus on 4 steps:

Select key events:

decide how the contact enters the stream. Do they sign up from the website? Did they complete their first purchase? Did they fill out a survey?

Define the most important actions:

correlate an action to each event. For example, send a welcome DEM to a contact who has just signed up.

Set specific conditions:

determine how you move from one step to the next. For example, a contact proceeds in the flow only if they answer all questions in a survey.

Evaluate outcomes in the big picture:

evaluate the outcome of the flow by checking all positive outcomes.

Business goals success stories

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Privacy Management and Data Protection:

Our commitment to your most important asset.

We consider privacy management and the protection of Personal Data to be essential. Discover our tools and processes for full GDPR compliance.

We work

for the success of companies

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