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MagNews Integrated Communications Platform: a modular solution for managing integrated communications and business processes. 

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Our versatile solution responds to different needs and objectives.


Multichannel communication for integrated projects, both internal and external to the company


A system designed for acquisition, conversion, and loyalty in both B2C and B2B contexts


Design, orchestration and automation of workflows towards clients and internal company constituents


Full digital experience management, personalized on a vast, omnichannl scale


Tools and features to manage and stay up-to-date with continuous training 


Management and improvement of business processes and task automation

Using MagNews on the DHL Connection project, we were able to communicate in an engaging way towards active clients and reactivate a significant number of dorment clients. The results reflect the centrality we would like to give the client with a very positive impact on revenue.

MagNews answers your needs

Communication, Marketing, Sales, Training. Browse solutions by sector and company function.


The solution for Finance and Insurance

Build valuable relationships with clients, agencies and financial consultants.

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Create an effective purchasing experience

Multichannel, shop integration, data analysis, product recommendations.

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Technology serving a good cause

MagNews brings powerful results to the Donor Journey.

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Digital Agencies

Create value for your clients with MagNews

Propose innovative solutions to your client companies. 

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Success stories: Findomestic

Findomestic raised their email conversion performance by using AMP Email technology to enable their clients to choose their product configuration and services directly via email. 

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Acquisition, Conversion, Loyalty.

All the instruments you need to reach every objective of the Customer Journey. 

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Human Resources

Success starts with your collaborators

Turn the Employee Experience into a lever of growth for your company. 

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IT Department

Security, investments, flexibility, scalability

Saas, OnPremises, Hybrid: choose the model that is right for your infrastructure.

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CRM Manager

Unleash the power of data

MagNews helps you to transform your data into effective actions

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Success stories: Illumia

MagNews created a centralized communication plan using email and sms to improve campaign performance, managing the relationship with the client and enriching the Illumia database with new information. 

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Discover just some of the features MagNews offers and contact us to see them in action.


Affordable, secure, personalized, automatic, performing. The best communication channel



Once popular for personal use, today they are an extremely valuable instrument to brands 



Landing pages, Surveys, Recommendations.
Make your website interactive



Optimize processes, costs and time, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in your actions



Already conencted to various solutions and easily integratable with any of your systems


On Premises

Want to manage your own infrastructure data? MagNews is also On Premises


See MagNews in action

Contact us, and we'll be happy to share real use cases of how MagNews can help solve your business needs.

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