Conversion goals: track actions that have real value and impact for your business.

Thanks to Conversion Goals, you are able to track valuable actions that contacts take on your digital properties and link them to individual communication actions to better assess their effectiveness.

Which actions bring the most conversions? Which campaigns generate the most value? Which assets are downloaded the most? Conversion goals help you track this and make your actions more results-oriented.


Why do you
need it?

With magnews you can track your conversion goals, constantly monitoring the results of your projects: measure engagement, identify the most loyal users, reactivate dormant users, reduce the abandonment rate and identify friction points in the journey to purchase.


Each to their own goal

The magnews platform allows you to evaluate different campaigns and initiatives down to the action that matters most, i.e. conversion.


Define a purchase type goal, link it to a specific currency, and keep track of when your contacts arrive at the order confirmation page.


Out of the most important resources you make available in your marketing actions, it is essential to be able to keep track of who downloads what in order to identify interest.

Form Fills and Registrations

If your goal is form sign ups, fill-in and registration conversions are ideal for you.

Being able to track contacts who fill out certain forms is valuable and useful information for all your actions.

Generic Conversion

Whatever your goal is you can define it in detail and track it to completion.

Business goals success stories

Customers and partners: case studies that show how

magnews makes it possible to work for the success of companies.

Privacy Management and Data Protection:

Our commitment to your most important asset.

We consider privacy management and the protection of Personal Data to be essential. Discover our tools and processes for full GDPR compliance.

We work

for the success of companies

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