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Partner: think by diennea

The first question we ask ourselves when we want to quickly start a new activity is: can it be done with magnews? Often the answer is yes. That’s why it has become a fundamental tool for our company



Develop a project to continue to provide training and refresher courses to professionals working within pharmacies, in a totally digital version.

Bringing pharmacist training online during the public health emergency.


A specialist in the field of personalized health care.

With almost a decade of investment in research and product development related to the study and diagnosis of inflammation, offering a comprehensive and systemic approach through more than 1,500 partner centers in Italy, Spain, UK and Switzerland.

THE PARTNER think by diennea is a Digital Service Agency.

Specialized in integrated communication projects, it manages projects aimed at achieving the business objectives of companies, from strategy to execution.


Reinvent the way we do training.

The need arose with the advent of the pandemic with the impossibility of travel and meeting together in a room. We needed to reinvent the way we do training and keep our stakeholders involved.


Digitization of training courses.


Use magnews to engage and interact with our professionals.

With the help of Marketing Automation, we were able to orchestrate a series of personalized communications and surveys.

Once the flows were set up, we had automatic CRM updates and detailed up-to-date reports that in turn allowed us to finalize our communication and strategy.

Channels: email, questonari

Technology: magnews, Marketing Automation, modulo Survey

Target Audience: B2C

The results

The implementation of an automated activity with a first phase of engagement on the target audience by sending welcome emails, supported by a recall after 5 days, allowed for the transformation of a project that included a tour of physical events across the country into a fully digital activity.


Through magnews, Digital Marketing Platform, GEK Lab turned a problem into a great opportunity, promoting training paths in a fully automated way to compensate for the current lack of physical training paths, and achieving excellent results with a higher participation rate than in the same activity carried out in-person.


sales per year


income (900 enrollments out of 1500)


training rate

Business goals success stories

Customers and partners: case studies that show how

magnews makes it possible to work for the success of companies.

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