Profile Studio:
Set up referral profiles, manage your contacts’ rules, analyze engagement.

Profile Studio is a magnews module that allows you to enhance your most important asset – “the contact” – by integrating the information collected by magnews with that of your systems.


Create a marketing database in line with your communication needs and internal processes, visualize every action and behavior of your contacts, categorize and segment your audiences, analyze the universe of data, understand your audience and extract useful insights for your business.

CRM Marketing.
Contact History.
Conversion Goals.

Communication, marketing, internal processes, training. Any need requires one key element: recipients. For this reason, the ability to design a coherent, scalable database capable of evolving is a critical factor in the choice of a solution.

Feed growth. The dynamism underpinning the results

Your database is continuously enhanced with new contacts and ever richer data that define its features. Capture information from multiple channels and systems and compile it in a centralized hub.

Segment. Understand your audience to act

Data on your contacts, interactions with touchpoints and communications, behaviors and interests. With magnews you constantly analyze the universe of your data, identify different audiences and build relevant actions for each contact.

CRM Marketing.

Behavior matters.

What pages are visited, what content is read, what communications are opened and read, how many clicks, what they bought or how long it has been since they made a purchase, what support requests have been made, and any other data you might want. Everything you need for modeling actions with a sure return.

magnews collates all events and actions that the platform records.

Classify and segment your audience based on interactions with communications to set up the right actions for each contact and maximize results.

Contact History.

Conversion Goals.

Thanks to Conversion Goals, you are able to track valuable actions that contacts take on your digital properties and link them to individual communication actions to better assess their effectiveness.

Which actions bring the most conversions? Which campaigns generate the most value? Which assets are downloaded the most? Conversion goals help you track this and make your actions more results-oriented.

Conversion Goals.

Business goals success stories

Customers and partners: case studies that show how

magnews makes it possible to work for the success of companies.

Privacy Management and Data Protection:

Our commitment to your most important asset.

We consider privacy management and the protection of Personal Data to be essential. Discover our tools and processes for full GDPR compliance.

We work

for the success of companies

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