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Magnews has been fundamental for the integration between our channels, thanks to its perfect connection with Magento. Marketing automation is the ideal tool for our eCRM strategy focused on Italian and international customers.



To boost online sales by creating personalized paths based on prospect and customer behavior.

A “phygital” dimension.

A multi-channel strategy to unite the physical and digital worlds, and guarantee a customer experience that aligns ever closer with the needs of customers.


Florentine excellence in home fragrances.

Founded in 1983, it has been able to inspire and anticipate the times, designing avant-garde products and intuiting the right time to refresh perfume interpretations.

THE PARTNER think by diennea is a Digital Service Agency.

Specialized in integrated communication projects, it manages projects aimed at achieving the business objectives of companies, from strategy to execution.


Seamless integration of the physical and digital.

Create custom pathways to show the right message at the right time to drive final conversion. The desire was to create a unique and detailed customer view within magnews.


Increase e-commerce sales.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value.


With magnews it was possible to connect and merge all information coming from digital sources, such as the Magento e-commerce channel, together with those coming from physical shops (such as receipt and transaction) within a single repository.

The design of the database started off from a technical analysis of the fields necessary to finalize the integration of the online and offline parts, designed to allow easy consultation of the aggregated data, and, from a business intelligence analysis, aimed at extracting useful insights for creating sending clusters, the definition of automatic flows and the improvement of acquisition and communication logics.

In an initial phase, the must-have e-commerce flows were activated, such as Welcome and Abandoned Cart. In a more advanced phase, instead, a Refill flow was structured that, depending on the type of fragrance purchased by the customer, regulated the sending of a series of emails with commercial push on the purchase of a refill, when the original fragrance was running out.

Channels: email, social

Technology: magnews, Magento

Target Audience: B2C


In just the first six months since the implementation of magnews, the performance of the email channel has improved with an increase of +45% in the number of sessions activated.

The figure that most reflects the value of the project is the +15% increase in turnover thanks to the use of the magnews email channel.

These outcomes are the result of structured analysis on the value of the average user, which has given the ability to produce reliable forecasts on future choices and, consequently, to create an increasingly profiled offer.


increase in sessions


increase in turnover


average flow CR

Business goals success stories

Customers and partners: case studies that show how

magnews makes it possible to work for the success of companies.

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