The channel with the highest opening rate.

Activate a dedicated number to allow your users to reply to your messages, creating effective two-way communications as well, thanks to automatic rules such as subscription and unsubscription to the service.

The SMS channel under your control.
Turn SMS into a tool for your communication projects


Use SMS within your Communication Journeys.


Connect and integrate the SMS channel within your automation streams.


Connect and integrate the SMS channel within your automation streams.


Send speed.

Send your SMS at high speed and low latency…

International SMS.

Send to over 50 countries guaranteed by international receiving networks and reach your customers around the world…

High Quality.

Send only along international priority routes for speed of delivery with complete control over the redemption of your campaigns.


Got customers who don’t use the Latin alphabet? Choose extended coding (UCS -2) and compose your SMS with special characters used only by particular countries….

Concatenated SMS.

Send SMS with customized content up to 459 characters with GSM encoding and 201 characters with UCS-2 encoding.

Dynamic content.

 Automatically customize your communications for each individual recipient.

Magnews for eCommerce
End-to-end solution for business results.

With magnews you integrate your sales platform to follow the Customer Journey of users who come into contact with your customers’ eCommerce offerings.

Find out how to increase your revenue, streamline your work and build customer loyalty.

Become a Partner!

Create a relationship between companies and consumers that can generate business value for both in a fruitful experience.


We are creating a community that we want to grow together to build an increasingly valuable collaboration.

Partner Program, the magnews solution that allows you to become part of a true knowledge hub, designed to foster skills and business growth.

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