Organize your communications by business objectives and incorporate them in a magnews campaign.

Feed your customer relationships with a digital mix of direct, automated, lead generation and onsite performance campaigns.


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Poltrona Frau’s aim was to increase the visibility and recognition of its products worldwide, from a drive to e-Shop perspective, and to create an editorial plan with content that is relevant and attractive for the target audience.

Genni Argnani – magnews CSO

From design to action in an easy and intuitive way

Increase click rates thanks to a virtuous mix of creativity, call-to-action copywriting and optimized HTML code using the WYSIWYG editor.

Send highly customized messages: choose to send them only to the right target cluster, updated in real time thanks to the dynamic audience segmentation feature.

Send when it suits you best, choosing from several options (immediate, scheduled, periodic, wave mailing, etc.) on magnews.

Sit back and relax, because our dedicated team takes care of delivering your messages.

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magnews makes it possible to work for the success of companies.

Privacy Management and Data Protection:

Our commitment to your most important asset.

We consider privacy management and the protection of Personal Data to be essential. Discover our tools and processes for full GDPR compliance.

We work

for the success of companies

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