Web Experience

Turn your website visitors into contacts

Trasform your website into an interactive communication channel, create a unique experience and reach your objectives. 

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Identify and track

Experience begins with knowledge

MagNews Web Experience tracks your website's viewer browsing behavior. By recognizing newcomers from returning guests that are already present in your database, you can offer a truly personalized experience to each user. 

Identifica e traccia
Personalizza l'esperienza

Personalize the experience

To each their own website experience

What if your website were truly different for each of your users? With Web Experience, content, objects and layouts adapt to the characteristics and preferences of each single user. This means more relevant and engaging content, more interaction, and greater conversion rates. 

Analyze and profile

Interactive, intuitive, action-based

MagNews Web Experience constantly collects and enriches your user's profiles through navigation data and website interactions. This includes surveys or purchase habits so that you can always communicate the right message to the right user. 

Analizza e profila

What can you manage with Web Experience?

A single tool, and many ways to personalize your website

Pop Ups

Launch personalized pop-ups based on each user's history 

Inline forms

Manage forms within pages, including progressive field filling


Control sections and modules on your site to distribute personalized content to each user

Success Stories: Giunti Scuola

Integrating MagNews Web Experience with the Scuola Store eCommerce site generated an increase in Leads, profiled users and higher sales. 

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+ 17.7%

Conversion Rate


Direct Retargeting

Use direct channels (email, sms, push) to retarget your audience

Behavioral triggers

Activate content and page elements based on site interaction

Dynamic content

Automatically personalize content and pages for each single visitor 

Image Editor

Adapt images to the correct format for your pages and content thanks to the integrated image editor


Plan and implement website objects with automatic multilingual content planning 

Profile enrichment

Constantly enrich your user's profiles to offer them an ever more personalized experience

Your site comes alive with MagNews Web Experience

eCommerce, publishing, financial services, retail, non-profit, and B2B companies. Companies in all industries use Web Experience to offer an exceptional experience on their websites. 

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