Surveys, Forms, Landing Pages

Your Web interactions under your control

With MagNews, multichannel communication continues on the Web. Create the forms you need, manage the landing pages for your communications and offer surveys to your clients.

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Relationships begin with listening

Understand how your clients feel about your service or product, enhance your level of assistance or simply gather interests and preferences. With MagNews, you can create surveys for all your objectives. 

Landing Pages

Landing is the start of your journey

If the landing page isn't effective, all previous efforts are futile. MagNews allows you to create pages easily and to personalize  them automatically based on who is visiting the site. This can greatly multiply your conversion possibilities.  


Bring your data from the Web, to MagNews

MagNews forms are versatile and flexible. Automatically personalize fields based on recipient and select formats that gather information progressively. Furthermore, you have the advantage of connecting them directly to your database of contacts, so you can immediately activate your communication and marketing journeys. 

Pop-ups and On-site Messages

Activate your site for every visitor

Manage elements on your website such as Pop-ups, sections and entire pages with all the best features of MagNews, including personalization, automatic interaction, content recommendations and products. Offer a completely personalized experience. 

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Insights and Reports

Gather data, evaluate, optimize

Every action you put into place will lead to a result that may or may not require enhancing, this allows you to obtain the best results. MagNews offers you multimensional reports, data in real-time and integration with BI systems for maximum control and reactivity. 

Success Stories: Comau

Lead Generation campaign in 6 countries, personalized landing pages, progressive profiling with mini surveys and lead scoring. This is how Comau was able to qualify 37% of their leads as Hot, and triple the value of their sales opportunities. 

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Profiled Sales Leads


Drag&Drop Editor

A powerful and versatile editor to easily create your pages, Mobile First and compatible with all browsers. 

Dynamic content

Rules and visibility conditions to automatically personalize content for every single contact.

Image Editor

Adapt images to the correct format for your content, thanks to our integrated Editor.


Use our set of standard and customizable templates to get started or create one on the spot. 


With just one template you can manage content in many languages and adapt your surveys and landing pages to each one. 

Profile Enrichment

Enrich your contact profiles directly by using the data entered in the fields from your forms and surveys. 

Multiply your Web channel interactions

Brands across all industries and of all sizes use MagNews every day to transform their Web touchpoints into dynamic and personalized spaces with demonstrated results. 

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