The channel with the highest open rate

High quality communication, in real-time, on your user's most frequently used device: the smartphone. 

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Personalized sending

Be recognizable to your contacts

With MagNews you can indicate numeric and alphanumeric senders, using your Brand to send your messages. 

Mittente personalizzato
Shortlink e landing page

Shortlinks and landing pages

Insert links in your SMS's and track clicks

With MagNews you can insert links in your SMS's, creating and managing their destination pages. Track clicks to gain detailed reporting on your communications and save space on characters with our integrated URL shortener. 


Analyze, evaluate and optimize your sends

MagNews makes accurate reporting available to you so you can track your SMS campaign results using numerous metrics and KPIs, such as deliveries, clicks, bouncebacks, conversions and landing page views.

Report e insights
SMS inbound

Inbound SMS's

So your communications work both ways

Activate a dedicated number to manage your incoming SMS's, allowing your users to respond directly to you. Create automatic rules based on message interactions, like for example sign ups and unsubscribes to a service. 

Success stories: Illumia

MagNews created an SMS communication plan to coordinate various client channels, greatly improving campaign performances. 

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Open rate

Verified SMS

Verified SMS

Discover the future of SMS with Google's vSMS and RBM technologies that enable recognizable, interactive, secure, multimedia messages.


The SMS channel under your control

Leverage SMS for all your communication projects


Add SMS messages to your Communication Journeys

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Connect and orchestrate the SMS channel into your automation workflows

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Send your clients receipts and communication certificates 

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Sending speed

Send your SMS's at high speed and low latency. 

International SMS

Send in over 50 countries guaranteed by our carriers and reach your clients all over the world. 

High quality

Send only using prioritized international routes for optimizing sending speed, with complete control over your campaigns. 


Do your clients typically read nonwestern characters? Choose extended coding (UCS -2) and create your SMS's with special characters according to country. 

Concatenated SMS's

Send SMS's from personalized content with up to 459 characters with GSM coding and 201 with UCS-2 coding. 

Dynamic content

Automatically personalize your communications for each recipient. 

Unleash your SMS channel potential with MagNews

More than 500 brands in the world today use MagNews every day to communicate with their contacts using SMS. 

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