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Give a voice and value to your APP

Fast, personalized and engaging communication for your APP. Discover what MagNews Push Notifications can do for you. 

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Multichannel Strategy

Your APP at the heart of your communication strategy

Informative, promotional, transactional, targeted and personalized. Your push notifications can have different formats and functions but to get the most of their use, you'll need to create synergy with all your communication channels. This is the advantage of MagNews.

Engagement and personalization

The better the message, the better the result

With MagNews, personalization and relevance are always at their best, including with the Push channel. MagNews activates your communications based on the different lifecycle moments and actions your users take across each touchpoint. 

Analysis and segmentation

Get to know your users and communicate in the best way

With MagNews, your APP data is available across all channels of interaction as well as your business systems. This allows you to use push notifications to communicate exactly what you need, when you need to, to each of your users. 

The Push channel, under your control

Add push notifications from your APP to your multichannel strategy with MagNews


Use push notifications within your Communication Journeys

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Connect and orchestrate the push channel within your automation workflows

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Send communication certificates to your clients

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Dynamic content

Automatically personalize your Push notification content based on contact.


Connect your message to a page, screen, specific function of your APP, or website. 

Rich Push Format

Images, videos, animated gifs, audio, emojis: there are limitless ways to express your message. 


Preview test and verify the content of your Push notification based on recipient type.

Push Priority

Set up when your recipient views the messaging and decide whether or not to automatically activate the screen. 

Data Payload

Easily add personalized data with our editor to your push notification payload using JSON.

Push notifications within your communication strategy

Discover the most performing communication channel for your APP. Highly personalized, instantaneous and versatile. 

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