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The ideal communication channel for all your company needs. Simple, secure, effective, versatile. Discover your email potential with MagNews. 

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Drag&Drop Editors

Professional results with minimal effort.

Creating and modifying emails that are enticing and effective is simple and fast thanks to the Giotto drag&drop editor:

  • Mobile first compatible with most commonly used email carriers and operative systems 
  • standard and personalized templates to respond to all your communication needs 
Editor Drag&Drop
Supporto AMP Email

AMP Email

The email channel revolution.

MagNews is one of the first solutions in the world to support Google's AMP 4 Email protocol for sending dynamic and interactive emails. 

Success Stories: Findomestic

Findomestic improved their email conversion performance significantly by implementing AMP email, giving clients the possibility to configure products and services directly within the email.

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+ 133%

Click-rate increase

Machine Learning

A/B Testing and Send Time Optimization

Optimize campaigns and communications thanks to predictive algorithms that choose the best sending times (Send Time Optimization) and the content (autmatic A|B testing), for each recipient.

Machine Learning
Report & insights


Success begins with data.

MagNews provides multimedia reports and analyses in a dedicated monitoring center so you can optimize all your communications.

The Email channel under your control

With MagNews, emails become the foundation to your entire business ecosystem


Place email at the center of your Communication Journeys

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Connect and orchestrate the email channel into your automation workflows

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Send your clients receipts and communication certificates

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Dynamic Content

Automatically personalize communication and content for each of your recipients.

Image editor

Adapt your images to the right communication format thanks to our Image Editor. 


With just one template you can manage your communications with ad hoc content for each language. 

Inbox Preview

Visualize your communication previews on more than 100 browser, email and device combinations. 

Spam Check

Ensure your messages will be successful with just one click, checking against antispam filters and blacklists. 

Engagement Score

Segment your contacts based on how they interact with you and optimize your communication strategy. 

Unleash your Email channel potential with MagNews

More than 500 brands in the world today use MagNews to leverage the email channel for their businesses.

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