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Orchestrate your communication channels, create workflows and personalize user journeys for every user.

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MagNews was fundamental in connecting all of our channels, thanks to its perfect integration with Magento. Marketing automation is the ideal tool for our eCRM strategy which focuses on italian and international clients.

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Drag&Drop Editor

Zero project limitations

In just a few minutes you can transform your idea into a communication process that is automated and effective. With the visual editor in MagNews, workflow creation is simple and immediate, allowing you to combine actions and conditions in structured journeys alongside each of your objectives. 


Multichannel orchestration, always

With MagNews automation, you coordinate all your communication channels, including preexisting ones with personalized logic. For example you can choose to use your recipient's favorite channel and connect your workflows to different company systems to automate entire processes. 

Building Blocks

Events, actions, and conditions: the combinations are infinite

MagNews automation allows unprecedented flexibility with the use of three main objects that combined, are able to answer to any project scenario you need, no matter how complicated. 

Branched workflows

A starting point for many destinations

With MagNews workflows you can recreate any business scenario by structuring different paths based on your users characteristics, the actions they need to take, and the level of service you offer them. This allows you to create and guide the best experience possible for your users. 

Insights and Reports

The best results begin with data

The effectiveness and results of every communication workflow depend on their continuous optimization over time. MagNews provides you with a dedicated section of advanced and multidimensional analytics to monitor what is happening in real-time, at every step of your journey. 

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Success stories: Comau

Comau used MagNews marketing automation to optimize their lead generation, qualifying and profiling leads for their sales team. 

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Generated opportunity value


Message Editors

Modify your communications directly within the workflow 

Automatic validation

Automatically test workflows to verify your planning 


Create inclusion and exclusion rules to create a pleasant experience 

Workflow Lifecycle

Manage the full workflow lifecycle, from creation to deactivation

A/B Testing

Automatically test content and journey variations to constantly achieve better results


Integrate automation with your company systems, optimizing time and costs while freeing up resources

Worry about your business while MagNews does the work

Over 500 brands increase their sales and client value, improving processes, optimizing time and resources with MagNews. What are you waiting for? 

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