Anti-Spam Policy

Diennea S.r.l. provides digital and cross-channel marketing solutions. Our clients use our solutions to send personalized communications to their contacts (e.g. customers and prospects). We require that our clients send informative and/or promotional communications only to recipients that have previously consented to receive such communications. Also, our clients must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, especially with reference to personal data protection and consumer protection.

Our clients must be able to demonstrate how and when any given information (e.g. email address or mobile number) has been collected (e.g. subscription information and origin IP address) and they are invited to adopt a collaborative behavior whenever Diennea S.r.l. investigates any complaint regarding potential violations. Our clients should include in every message sent using our solutions: i) Clear and simple instructions (e.g. link) on how the recipient can unsubscribe from receiving future messages; ii) Disclaimer notice that clearly explains to the recipient why he/she received a specific message.

Diennea reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate the access and/or use of its solutions to any client that is found in breach of the abovementioned requirements.

How can you report an unsolicited message?

If you believe you have received an unsolicited message from Diennea on behalf of any of our clients, please fill in our abuse reporting form.
All the information you are able to provide will help us to investigate any complaint and identify the origin of the message you have received.
We will work with our clients to make sure that you stop receiving any unsolicited messages.