Rules of Use for MagNews

The present document (previously named Ethical Code) describes the Rules of Use for the MagNews SaaS platform.



The Rules of Use contain conditions that must be shared, promoted and observed by all clients.

It must be specified that the Rules of Use are not indended to approve, from a legal standpoint, the use of databases or their contents processed by the client through their own platform. The intention is only to restate the mere rules for the protection of the Diennea business and of the performance of services offered to clients through MagNews: it remains, in all cases, up to the client to obtain any eventual type of necessary authorization to use the databases and to drive the content which they loaded on the platform and/or on the landing pages connected to the sent messages. 



CE000 – Any defamatory content that promotes or divulges directly or indirectly illegal activities in violation of criminal, civil or administrative laws
CE001 – Discrimination against groups of people, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, sexual identity
CE002 – Incitement to self-harm and violence against people, animals, other people’s things, public goods, or institutions, at any territorial level
CE003 – Pornographic content (text, images, or other particular situations)
CE004 – Pornographic Services
CE006 – Prostitution and escort services
CE007 – Obscene language and blasphemy
CE008 – Political or non-political instigation towards racism, violence, riot, crime, etc.
CE012 – Sales or promotion of medicines, supplements, weight loss products or illicit drugs that are not approved by the laws in force in the countries of destination of the messages
CE020 – Loans offered by entities different from banking, insurance or financial companies or different from financial and insurance intermediaries governed by applicable law as well as financial agents and loan brokers
CE023 – False advertising
CE024 – Clairvoyant or medium services
CE026 – Introduction of viruses, malware, and all kinds of code that could be harmful or dangerous
CE025 – Use of content containing third party copyright material or material that is subject to other third party proprietary rights (including rights of privacy or rights of publicity) without a valid license, authorization, consent and/or permission from the legitimate right holder (or licensor)
CE027 – Any promotional activities containing third party distinctive signs and trademarks, whether or not these are counterfeit, modified and/or able to lead to a likelihood of confusion with trademarks and distinctive signs of companies, third party products and/or services or liable to mislead the public, in the absence of a legitimate authorization, license or other valid permit allowing a lawful use of the same from the legitimate right holders (or licensors) of their moral rights and the rights of economic exploitation
CE051 – Message not attributable to the consent
CE052 – Message with a generic sender/alias and/or subject line that makes it impossible to identify the person or entity on whose behalf the message is being sent
CE053 – Advertising/promotion of third-party services for trading activities
CE054 – Advertising/promotion of pyramid schemes, models or systems and multi-level marketing on behalf of third parties
CE055 – Use of invalid, non-existing or anonymous domains
CE056 – Use of links to landing pages of domains anonymously registered
CE057 – Fake comments and/or testimonials
CE058 – Use of subject and/or content that simulate responses to sent messages (eg. “RE: …” or “FWD: …”)
CE059 – Transmission of content that could in any way damage third parties, particularly minors



CE029 – Without prior explicit consent by the contact (data subject), where necessary according to the applicable regulation
CE061 – Contacts coming from data sources which do not feature adequate measures for preventing abuse by automated systems (e.g. form not protected by CAPTCHA)
CE031 – Purchased from third parties
CE032 – Lent/Donated
CE035 – Public lists
CE036 – Harvesting
CE038 – B2C customers without consent
CE040 – Unused for more than 12 months
CE041 – Containing spam-traps
CE044 – Unrecognizable unsubscribe link, lack of indications about unsubscription or about origin / consent supervisor
CE046 – Unsubscribe link not working
CE048 – Failure to manage abuse report within the legal deadlines
CE049 – Failure to demonstrate evidence of consent upon request
CE060 – Distribution lists and newsgroups