Email Marketing & Automation

Findomestic is an established credit management company with proven responsibility towards its stakeholders, interested in creating shared value and mutual gain.


Findomestic is an advanced Marketing Automation client that sends millions of promotional communications to its customers using MagNews.

Improve conversion performance by lowering  email dropout rate with integrated automation.


One of the many automated workflows adopted anticipates customers who have interruped filling the application form for financing. When the customer returns to the website, the request for funding remains populated and continues to display any previously entered information

Implement Gmail Quick Actions via interactive buttons that recipients can interact with without having to open the email.

Findomestic Case Study

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In order to use Gmail Quick Actions it is necessary to guarantee Google that the sender is realiable by getting past the strict control on its identity.

Findomestic complied with the requirements (DKIM certificate, email reputation control, Google Whitelisting) not only to access Gmail Quick actions but also to increase the security of the sender identity.

Generate personalized content and automated contact management plans based on the user’s life cycle to increase customer loyalty and stimulate upselling and cross selling.