About us

Strategic development in action

We are

An experienced team with strong skills and a deep knowledge of Multichannel Digital Marketing Services and hold excellent qualifications from all over the world including Italy, France, UK, Albania, Eastern Europe, Africa and USA.

We operate

With some of the best global enterprise players on the planet and can rely on a network of independent providers selected over a long period of time, including, software vendors, integrators, media publishers, industry experts, IoT innovators and technology enthusiasts.

We offer

Strategic Solutions based on expert IT systems and project management

Continuous Relationship with our Clients based on trust, open dialogue and feedback

Quality of Service and professional investment toward constant improvement

Outstanding Products to guide your internal and external processes and actions

Trusted Partners with innovative value-added features


We seek to challenge the status quo through the implementation of new instruments and concepts which uniquely unlock modern advantages in the digital world.