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Technology meets passion in the Donor Journey

The Non-Profit sector is of particular importance to us. By putting our technology and service based competencies forward, together we can change the world we live in. 

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With the support of MagNews' marketing automation integrated with our CRM system, not only were we able to improve and monitor existing communication flows more effectively but also, we imagined new ones to reach our supporters at the best and most suitable times for their needs. Having a fundraising strategy that focuses on the donor is essential.

MagNews and Donor Journey

Plan, create and manage the entire donor experience

Donor Journey



MagNews supports you in the definition, planning and continuous analysis of your Donor Strategy. 


MagNews transforms your Journey strategy into the ideal Donor Experience for your supporters. 


MagNews controls and manages Journeys, orchestrating communication channels and processes across your various systems. 

What you can do with MagNews in the world of Non-Profit


The first step to your objective

Boost your Donor Journey by building a Fanbase. With MagNews you can diversify the entry points of your database building activities such as Social Media, Web and Campaigns and (immediately) lead your new contacts to the conversion track. 

Success stories: Unicef

A Lead Generation strategy implemented during National Women's Day to highlight equal opportunity across various announcements on Facebook, Lead Ads and dedicated Landing Pages. 

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The donation marks the beginning of a relationship

The user experience you generate with MagNews is one that is able to involve and engage your contacts more rapidly into enthusiastically giving a donation. Thanks to Automation, multichannel communication and personalization, you can leverage the perfect moment. 

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Keep your goals and values high

To avoid an isolated donation case, it's important to cultivate the relationship you have with your donor. Provide a timely thank you note using automation, seek active opinions through surveys, and keep donors updated on your projects. With MagNews, you can. 


Trust and support over time

Make your donor feel like they are a part of your organization. Use the tools within MagNews combined with the data you've gathered in your interactions, to demonstrate their importance to you and generate further engagement over time.

Strengthen your Donor Journey

Non-Profit organizations big and small, use MagNews every day to create even more effective fundraising results. Contact us, and we'll change the world together. 

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