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Three cardinal objectives, with MagNews

Every Marketing action leads back to three cardinal objectives. MagNews helps you achieve them.


Find interested contacts


Transform them into clients


Create a long-term relationship

Choose your objective

We offer you the best path to reach your objective, our results speak for themselves.

Find new clients

Reach your potential contacts

Choose the right targets, reach out to them using the best channels and start building a relationship to transform them into an ever more interested audience towards your offer. In other words, the objective of your acquisition journey: Lead Generation. 

Success stories: Comau

Comau used MagNews marketing automation to optimize their lead generation, qualifying and profiling leads for sales actions. 

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Value of generated opportunities

Convince them to choose you

Guide your Leads in their purchasing decision

The Conversion Journey objective is to maximize the value of your client, from their first purchase to later up/cross-selling actions. Transform your Leads into Clients using personalized and targeted offers. 

Success stories: Dr Vranjes

With MagNews, Dr. Vranjes capitalized on their existing data to generate targeted multichannel communications, orchestrated by automation, resulting in a significant impact on revenue.

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+ 15%

Increase in revenue

Create a lasting relationship

Your Clients are your future

Loyalty is the final step in the Customer Journey. Being able to respond to client needs, creating a dialogue and consistently offering support is what generating loyalty is all about. MagNews offers you the right tools to transform your Clients into real Ambassadors for your brand. 

Success stories: Campagnolo

Loyalty is essential even in B2B contexts. Thanks to marketing automation and MagNews experience management, the Campagnolo loyalty program for Retailers was a true success.

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Discover just some of the features MagNews has in store for your Marketing services

Journey Manager

Take charge of your Customer's Journey from planning, to creating, to managing, while activating and measuring each Marketing action

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Orchestrate communications and processes automatically and intelligently using data and behavior in real-time 

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Communicate with Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Web, Social, Instant Messaging, or integrate any other channel you need

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Web Experience

Transform your website in a personalized and engaging experience. Acquire new clients, sell more and create loyalty

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CRM, eCommerce, BI, Rec Engine. MagNews is connected to many different platforms and is easily integratable with your company systems

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Reports & Insights

Communications, trends and customizable KPIs. MagNews offers accurate reporting that highlights relevant insights for your business

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With Marketing, it's the numbers that count

Marketers across more than 500 brands worldwide produce concrete results using MagNews    every day to acquire, sell and generate loyalty. What numbers are You looking to make? 

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