Saas, On-Premises, or Hybrid

MagNews SaaS, Hybrid, or On-Premises: choose the solution that is right for your infrastructure, security and cost management needs.

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MagNews SaaS

Flexible, efficient, scalable

All the advantages of scalability and performance of a cloud software, with the security of knowing your data is safely stored in Italy and Europe. Your MagNews will update automatically without any infrastructure costs. Choose the SaaS version of MagNews. 

SaaS Features


Speed and efficiency: build a solid reputation from your first send. Maximize your chance of reaching all your recipients, always. 


MagNews is a modular system that grows in response to your needs and integrates easily and efficiently into your ecosystem. 


Our R&D team's engines are always running, constantly introducing new functionalities and improving the utility and efficacy of MagNews. 

MagNews On-Premises

Maximum protection for your data

With MagNews On-Premises, you have complete control over your data as you integrate the platform directly within your own infrastructure environment.  Our consultants will support you from the setup phase all throughout its periodic upgrades of new features. 

On-Premises Features


Designed for companies who need to manage their data within their own infrastructure, without losing all the flexibility of MagNews. 


A solid and performing architecture, capable of sending millions of emails per day, thanks to our proprietary MTA: EmailSuccess 


Integrate MagNews' channels with your ecosystem, manage campaigns and processes, while monitoring your performance indicators. 


Easy, Fast, Professional

High Performance Mail Transfer Agent Solution

MagNews Hybrid

The best of both worlds

Take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud, while maintaining your own infrastructure. Choose the hybrid solution to adapt to your specific company needs. 

Hybrid Features


Choose which services you wish to externalize and which to maintain on your infrastructure, creating a totally seamless user experience.


MagNews e and the data remain in-house, while execution goes to the cloud as you always maintain control over activity monitoring. 

Single Source

The hybrid model eliminates data replication: it's all handled from your data warehouse, so your investment is safe. 

Choose how you'd like MagNews

Over 500 clients worldwide use MagNews in SaaS, On-Premises or Hybrid versions. Contact us and choose the model that is right for your infrastructure. 

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