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“Clients do not come first. Employees come first.
If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”
Sir Richard Branson

MagNews and the Employee Experience

Design, implement and manage your employee's journeys while creating an excellent experience for them.

Employee Experience



MagNews supports the logic, planning and continuous analysis behind your Employee Strategy.


MagNews transforms your Journey strategy and shapes the experience your employees have with your company.


MagNews controls and manages your Journeys by orchestrating various communication channels, company systems and processes.

What you can do with MagNews for your HR management

Candidate Journey

Find the right talent to help grow your business

With MagNews you can monitor all the phases of the hiring process to select the best candidates for your future staff:

  • promote your brand and company's open positions
  • manage data gathering and candidate profiling in an interactive way
  • automatically coordinate the passage between each selection phase, from candidacy to interview
  • manage your appointment calendar, including feedback, appointments and reminders


Get your new employees started with speed and efficiency

A good onboarding process allows your latest collaborators to rapidly become an active and integral part of your organization. Beat time and costs with targeted trainings, information sharing and policy and procedure checks.

Continuous training

Develop the right skills and create value

Developing the skillset of your staff is crucial for their growth and value to your organization.  With MagNews, you can manage your resources' personalized trainings by segmenting trainees based on role, function and personal competencies, while constantly checking their achieved results.

Internal communication

Your team is always in reach

In complex organizations, it's fundamental to communicate rapidly and efficiently. Whether you need to send an urgent communication or manage a thorough editorial plan, MagNews offers you:  

  • personalized multichannel communications
  • behind-the-scenes management of your user's favorite channels
  • notifications, confirmation receipts, and communication reports

Make an impact, choose MagNews for HR

Companies all over the world are choosing MagNews to manage their internal processes and external communications. Contact us and tell us your needs. 

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