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Communicate, increase efficiency and build value

MagNews helps build valuable relationships with your clients, agencies and financial constituents. Our clients choose MagNews to manage their integrated communications and organizational processes towards clients and internal company members.

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Multichannel Communication

What you need for an optimal customer experience

With MagNews you can manage personalized communications towards clients and employees, both centrally, or at the branch and agency levels. 

MagNews integrates with your company systems so you can activate automatic alerts on new products and services, expiration reminders and contract renewals, as well as customer care workflows. 

Lifecycle practices

The point of strength behind your Client relationships

MagNews offers you the tools you need to strengthen your daily business management:

  • Service communications and automatic transactions (expirations, renewals, document requests)
  • Intelligent workflows that follow your company practices by activating the necessary processes to get it done (like service activations and approval requests)
  • Product configuration and forms filling directly through email
  • Autofilling forms and informational sheets on organizational systems

MagNews Appointment

Coordinate appointments and bookings

MagNews Appointment helps you optimize your territory presence by allowing you to:

  • Manage bookings centrally
  • Communicate in multichannel mode with clients to keep them updated on their upcoming appointment with you

Success Stories: Findomestic

Findomestic improved their email conversion performance significantly by implementing AMP email, giving clients the possibility to configure products and services directly within the email.

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+ 133%

Click-rate increase

Profiling and segmentation

Offer superior service to your clients

Knowing your potential client is fundamental so you can present the right products and services for their needs. Get to know them while customizing communications with a one-to-one feel.

With MagNews you can send surveys and expand on your contact’s preferences on market trends, products, analyze the use of reserved areas on your site, your online services, while optimizing the entire experience your client is having.


Security, efficiency, speed

Today, more than ever, the digital channel is the answer to all security, timing and tracking needs, as well as saving time for the client and banking institution. 

With MagNews you can digitalize all your communications on contracts, renewals, new services, payments and account management; simplifying the relationship with the client, optimizing processes while reducing costs and environmental impact. 

Discover MagNews for Finance

Large banking and insurance institutions use MagNews every day for their institutional communications, marketing, and process management. 

Thanks to email management with AMP, MagNews allowed us to provide Findomestic customers with a better, faster and more interactive experience, generating significant improvements across all metrics.

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