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With MagNews, you can integrate your online sales platform by adding your eCommerce system to your multichannel communication, automation, personalization and product recommendations. 

Boost your eCommerce
Thanks to its perfect connection with Magento, Magnews was fundamental in the integration of all our channels. Marketing automation was the ideal instrument for our eCRM strategy, focusing on italian and international clients.

eCommerce ecosystem

More than integration, synergy

When you connect MagNews to your Online Shop, everything revolves around a common lever, your data. Clients, Leads, behaviors and interests. MagNews uses every source of data to give you three main results: new contacts, new clients, and relationships over time.


Direct, Social, Web, Transactional

With MagNews, multichannel not only means having every channel available to you but it also means being able to use them in a specific way towards each client. Additionally, you can leverage transactional communications with maximum security and reliability.


Automate the entire Customer Journey

MagNews automation is a powerful and versatile instrument that helps bring processes to life beyond the marketing realm. Improve your entire online sales experience, from purchases, to customer service while optimizing time and costs. 

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Not just sales, but a personalized experience

MagNews uses all available data to offer a unique experience to every one of your eCommerce site visitors, starting with their first visit. Communications, web pages and products, it's all custom-fit to your clients's preferences. 

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Success stories: Sabbioni

The MagNews integration included product recommendations, and allowed Sabbioni to maximize the value of their data through multichannel activities, automation and personalization. 

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Sales Conversions


Here are just some of the integrations MagNews offers to improve the experience of your eCommerce site. Contact us to learn them all.


eCommerce Platform


eCommerce Platform


eCommerce Platform

Recommendation Engine


Recommendation Engine


Recommendation Engine

Fuel your eCommerce engine with MagNews

Be a part of the eCommerce revolution and discover how to increase your revenue using MagNews. 

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