From initial purchase to customer growth.

The objective of the Conversion Journey is to increase contact value and generate opportunities you had not considered before. By analyzing the data of your users, you can offer unique and personalized solutions.

Give customers what they want

Know the demand to improve the supply

To maximize the value of your sales, you need to know your customers. Analyze their preferences and provide the best offer through the most effective channel, with MagNews. Offer a valuable experience to grow your business.

Increase your Customer Lifetime Value

Create more value to receive more value

To encourage customers to repurchase, you not only need a strategy, but you need the technology. Creating an ecosystem of upselling/cross-selling actions that combine speed, timing and relevant content, requires an orchestrated process using an all-in-one tool: marketing automation.

Reap the rewards of a winning strategy

From opportunity to reality

Initial purchase, cross-selling/upselling, increasing customer value: these are the essential elements to grow a Brand. Success in this phase is the result of a balanced methodical structure: analysis is the root, technology is the trunk, conversion is the foliage.

Success stories

Every project has its own story behind strategy, creativity, technology and realization. We work hard to create unique and effective Customer Journeys. Our results speak for themselves.

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