From anonymous visitors, to potential customers, to contacts.

The relationship with your contacts starts here. We boost your Brand’s visibility and generate the maximum number of Leads.

Multiple Acquisition touchpoints

Reach users on every channel

Having more channels available means amplifying your brand message. Let your user be the one to choose how to interact directly with your brand. Take advantage of the potential of a multichannel platform to grow your business.

Maximize Lead Generation results

Create an active and engaged customer base

Your contacts are going to be at the center of your strategy, but they are also individuals with distinct personal and behavioral data. Knowing, studying and analyzing this data enables you to activate your contacts. And all this information is available to you in the Platform.

Plant the seed for the perfect Customer Journey

Build a relationship with your users

The Customer Journey begins with the Acquisition phase. You must generate interest from the first moment of contact because often you won't get a second chance. Cultivate a relationship with your users and create future opportunities.

Success stories

Every project has its own story behind strategy, creativity, technology and realization. We work hard to create unique and effective Customer Journeys. Our results speak for themselves.

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A collection of the informational materials and projects that we have developed, presented in the form of E-books. The digital library on the world of the Customer Journey.

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MagNews is our Customer Journey Platform developed to design, implement and manage unique Customer Journeys, thanks to a user-friendly and immediate interface.