Social Media

Expand your audience and reach new contacts

MagNews integrates with Facebook and Google to propel your Lead Generation and retargeting strategies. Contact us to learn more. 

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What you can do with MagNews

The integration with Facebook and Google Ads opens a world of possibilities

Lead Generation

Reach target audiences that are in line with your public and acquire new contacts


Intercept the users who have interacted with you through campaigns on social media and the web 


Use the client knowledge you've acquired to raise engagement through targeted advertising campaigns

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Facebook Connector

Integrate with the most popular Social Media platform in the world

Connect MagNews to your Facebook and bring your communication, acquisition and conversion strategies onto a 2.5 billion user public worldwide. 

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Google Connector

Search Campaigns, Gmail, YouTube, Shopping

Thanks to the integration with Google Ads Customer Match, you can start from your Database of contacts to reach users from similar audiences across the entire Google network.

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Amplify your communication strategy

Brands of all sizes and from all industries connect MagNews, Facebook and Google Ads to produce significant results for their businesses.

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