Data protection and privacy

Our commitment to your most important asset

Privacy management and data protection are essential elements for us. Discover our tools and processes to keep you in full compliance with GDPR.  

Tools, resources and processes

Continuous attention, skills and resources to help you remain in compliance.

Organizational Model

In order to guarantee privacy compliance processes and correctly fulfill fundamental principles such as Accountability and Data Protection by design and by default.


Professional figures who together with our CTO, oversee the technical and organizational strategies for data protection and IT risk management. 

Team Privacy

A dedicated team to constantly monitor the evolution of regulatory and technical contexts whose aim is to respond to market needs by offering cutting-edge solutions. 

Consent Tracker

This integrated MagNews product supports the Data Controller in carrying out their work with personal data in compliance with GDPR provisions.

Discover the Consent Tracker

Choose security and reliability for your data

Brands all over the world trust MagNews every day for the attention and care we give to all privacy and data management related matters. 

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