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How can you create value with MagNews?

A versatile solution to respond to all your clients' different needs.


Multichannel communication for integrated projects, both internal and external to the company


A system designed for acquisition, conversion, and loyalty in both B2C and B2B contexts


Design, orchestration and automation of workflows towards clients and internal company constituents


Full digital experience management, personalized on a vast, omnichannl scale


Tools and features to manage and stay up-to-date with continuous training 


Management and improvement of business processes and task automation

"Thanks to the DHL Connection project and MagNews, we were able to communicate in an innovative way, create engagement towards active clients and reactivate a significant amount of dormant clients. The results reflect the experience of centrality that we want to give our clients as well as a very positive effect on revenue."

What do we offer?

An attractive revenue model and three ways to leverage your growth.


We'll be by your side to ensure you are getting the best of MagNews as you expand your offer


A versatile platform that evolves and adapts to different business needs


Web/Social Media promo, co-branded events and media plan to give you voice and visibility

What type of Partner are you?

Solution Partner

Include all the MagNews capabilities in your offer

Solution Partners are companies looking to expand their services, acquire new clients and generate further loyalty from their current client-base. Our dedicated team provides our Solution Partners with continuous support and training on the platform to ensure constant growth.

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Platform Partner

Extend the value of your application

Platform Partners are companies with their own platforms such as CRMs, eCommerce systems, Rec Engines, management systems, that integrate with MagNews in order to extend their capabilities and directly resell the solution. 

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The MagNews platform enabled our company to finally approach Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation. The native integration with our CRM allowed us to collect and qualify Leads, all the way to the offer formalization.

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Become a MagNews Partner and discover how you can create new opportunities for your clients, generating value and growing your business. 

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