Your next Multichannel
Marketing platform

Create, manage and integrate your multichannel marketing campaigns.

Your next Multichannel
Marketing platform

Create, manage and integrate your multichannel marketing campaigns.

Switching from On-Premise to a SaaS, or Hybrid model is simple with MagNews because you’re using the exact same software in all versions. Explore our menu to find out more about the advantages of each solution based on your unique business needs.




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Many roads, one destination

Maximize all available channels to penetrate your audience, with MagNews you can choose how you want to drive the message home to your customers (email, SMS, social media and other channels). Whatever the size of your database, sending performance is guaranteed.

Worried about sending frequency? We’ve got a built in Stress Test feature. Create, manage and send newsletters, direct email, transactional emails or SMS messages all in one environment and access precise reports to analyze every aspect of your marketing efforts in depth.


Every contact is a person

Contacts are a strategic resource and managing the communication lifecycle effectively can make the difference in the start, continuation and growth in their engagement. A winning digital marketing strategy is rooted in a strong, steadily growing database with detailed profiles.

We offer a suite of advanced tools and functions to create, organize and monitor your contact database. A homogenous process of contact data enrichment, profiling, management of subscription cancellations and consent tracking, in addition to advanced reports that constantly monitor the status of your database.



Expand your reach

Connectors are add-on modules that broaden and extend the MagNews functionality and make it possible to communicate and integrate with other systems. MagNews App Center has a solution for your every need.

CRM systems, eCommerce portals, social networks or third-party services such as Dropbox or Splunk can be connected to the platform, creating a fully integrated, homogeneous environment. Don’t recognize your application in our list? Our dedicated development team with create custom applications on MagNews based on your systems integration needs. SCOPRI DI PIU’


You’re not on an island

We’re in this together. A team of experts will assist you from the moment you take your first steps into the world of MagNews.

We’ll provide you with complementary customized training, and later with access to our Help Desk service on an ongoing basis. We also offer a team at your disposal to improve your deliverability performance. For any supplementary needs, our online documentation is up to date with guidance on every functionality to support you step-by-step in all your activities. SCOPRI DI PIU’

Chiara Colombo

By integrating MagNews marketing automation directly into our CRM, we were able to not only improve and monitor our existing communication flows but imagine new ones as well. This allowed us to reach our supporters in the best and most appropriate moments according to their communication needs. To have a fundraising strategy that centers around the donor, it was essential.

Chiara Colombo

Head of Donor Base Department, ActionAid


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