MagNews renews itself and introduces the Customer Journey Platform

The new version of MagNews was released on March 19.

Our platform officially embarks on a new path towards becoming the leading Customer Journey Platform on the market. A solution that supports brands, enabling them to take complete control of the Customer Journey, the essential management tool for Brand success.

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Customer Journey Platform

The path has led us here

For over 20 years, we have been helping companies design and manage customer-centric strategies. We have developed our product from a “simple” Email Service Provider to a Multichannel Marketing Platform, by adding, over time, direct channels (SMS, push notifications, Websites) and business systems used every day (social networks, CRMs, e-Commerce and many others).

The idea behind these innovations was to create the best possible experience for end users by charting a brand-consumer journey consisting of measurable and effective touchpoints.
In other words, our work has always been focused on designing, developing and implementing customer journeys.

MagNews, today

So far, the voyage has been long and complex, but also immensely rewarding and fulfilling.

Today, we are giving MagNews a new design by following a vertical approach to building the customer journey.

The first step is based on two fundamental concepts:

  • communication campaigns become Journeys, or “containers” that hold all the assets, the objects that are needed to achieve specific business objectives, such as acquisition, conversion and loyalty. We are referring not only to direct communication, but also to web pages, surveys and pop-ups, all orchestrated across automated channels.
  • reports become Insights, shifting from a single report consultation approach, to a more organic comprehensive view that conveys the strategical importance of the data

This move to the Customer Journey Platform will be marked by a new logo to herald a new platform design.


MagNews, tomorrow

This path will follow a well-defined roadmap that we will share and introduce through content, online sessions and demos to provide an optimal understanding of all the capabilities of the new MagNews.

In the next few months, MagNews will progressively expand its offerings with new features, enabling our clients to gradually master the enhanced capabilities of the Customer Journey Platform. This will be achieved through ongoing customer support from our Help Desk as well as insights from businesses and professionals involved in implementing and managing the successful projects that we bring to the market.

This support is also, and above all, offered in the form of consultancy. For example, our new MasterClass lessons which are part of the Restart the Future project and are focused on the Customer Journey and its transformations in this constantly changing landscape. Furthermore, a great deal of additional content, focused on fundamental moments and aspects in the management of customer relations, will be arriving soon.

But there’s more.

The world of Diennea: where we are headed

All of us at Diennea are focused on managing the Customer Journey because we understand that it is the critical element for determining the success of an enterprise and defining concrete objectives.

The project approach, the range of technological and operational services, the creative consultancy initiatives of our agency tbd powered by Diennea and the production and customer management processes were designed around the concept that managing all interactions along the customer’s life cycle, that is, the Customer Journey, is the key to achieving a perfect Customer Experience. This, in turn, will build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between people and Brands.

We would like to present and explain all of this through new sites, beginning with the soon-to-be released MagNews website. Starting at the end of April, and for several subsequent months, we will also be offering support through a series of initiatives and online sessions. These will cover a range of topics, from our positioning and evolution, to the presentation of the MagNews Customer Journey Platform, to successful projects, research and in-depth analyses.

We at Diennea are committed to following this path, in the strong belief that we can attain the maximum possible value for companies. This is even more critical during the current historical context which requires us to rethink business models and approaches, while always starting with the key component of every company: the customer.