Journey Manager

Complete control over your interactions

Plan, design and manage strategic maps and user journeys, while producing measurable results. 

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Success is being able to plan

MagNews allows you to shape your strategy while visualizing the big picture.

Journey Manager
Create a strategic map at the macro level for your customer, user or employee journeys.

From project to realization, with maximum control

Your strategy comes alive in single journeys that are each tied to one another, with complementary objectives and measurements.

Journey designer
Plan and activate specific Journeys by phase, objective, and contact status.


Graphic editors

Design your strategic map and easily implement with the drag&drop editor. 

Contact statuses

Define the status of the contacts in your user journey and their passage from one level to the next.

Journey steps

Position and trace the intermediate steps and single stops of your user journey. 

Touchpoints and data

Identify the touchpoints and necessary data to your strategy and tie them to your journey. 


Use internal and external assets such as communications, automation and surveys. 

Measure and Control

Define the KPIs you wish to monitor in your journeys and check their trends in real time.

Complete your journeys with MagNews

Companies of all sizes and sectors plan effective journeys and excellent user experiences with MagNews every day. 

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