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Connect MagNews to your corporate Facebook account and bring your communication, acquistion and conversion strategies to a 2.5 billion user network worldwide.

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Lead Generation

Find new contacts that are interested in you

Import new contacts from your Facebook campaigns directly onto MagNews. Use lookalike audiences to directly target the most similar public to your MagNews users today. 

Facebook and automation

Bring Facebook contacts into your multichannel strategy

With MagNews automation, you can add your acquired contacts from Facebook directly into your multichannel communication workflows, creating an engaging and personalized user experience. 

Success Stories: Unicef

A Lead Generation strategy launched on International Women's Day, supplemented with ads, Facebook Lead Ads and Landing Pages. 

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Additional Social Media Contacts

Social Posting

Publish your content on Facebook

Automatically share your newsletters on Facebook and expand your content's reach to attract new contacts. 

MagNews and Facebook Connector

A single integration to handle all of your objectives

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