Antavo Connector

What do you get when you combine MagNews and Antavo?

The perfect loyalty technology for your retail brand! Read below on why adding Antavo to your loyalty project using MagNews can be the perfect fit for your next enterprise-level project.

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Scalable and Holistic

Antavo - the best-in-class pure-play loyalty provider - allows companies to build comprehensive loyalty programs to foster brand love and positively impact customer behavior. With scalable and holistic loyalty logic, Antavo compliments MagNews’ omnichannel marketing strategies and eCommerce projects.

Go beyond transactions

Antavo enables organizations to also engage their customers outside of the buying cycle, reward them for non-purchase related interactions, such as recycling, interacting with products, writing reviews, or referring friends.

More things you can do with MagNews and Antavo

Make content feel more personal

with data-rich customer profiles.

Send relevant emails

that reach and engage customers at new touchpoints.

Capture in-store shoppers

with clever incentives.

Increase email open rates

by building excitment.

This integration brings you:

  • Real-time contact enrichment on MagNews with Antavo collected data
  • CRM integration for dynamic workflows and specific targeting
  • Trigger personalized and automated communications to your fan base
  • Complete control over the loyalty journey across all touchpoints
  • Fully synchronized segments
  • Analysis and actionability of data for enhanced marketing campaigns
  • Maximized audience engagement through gamification and community building

MagNews and Antavo Connector

A single Integration to handle all of your loyalty objectives.

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