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Choose to be Data-driven

In MagNews, everything leads back to data. MagNews allows you to centralize your data across systems in order to combine communication, marketing, and automation strategies, and create a virtuous cycle to feed knowledge and increase performance. 

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Engagement Score

Different actions, different involvement

Classify and segment your audience based on their interactions with your communications, to predispose the correct actions for each contact and maximize results. 

Content tagging

Understand their interests and remain relevant

MagNews allows you to directly insert tags in your communications and web contents, and to use any tags originating from your other systems. This way you can be extremely precise in each of your actions. 

Contact behavior

Behavior matters

What pages did they visit, which contents were read, what communications were opened and read, how many clicks, what was purchased or how long has it been since they did, how many requests for assistance,, and basically any other data point you are looking for. All to help you model actions with a sure result.

Success stories: Parmalat

This strategic project with Parmalat was designed to enrich the wealth of information contained in the CRM, using data obtained through digital interactions to structure an effective loyalty program which added value to their clients. 

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Conversion on Discount Codes

Smart targeting

Objective: interaction and relationship

All the acquired knowledge from data is put to work in order to identify the right content, actions, channels and moments of interaction for each one of your contacts. Whatever your business objective, you must know who to target in order to reach it. 

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