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Looking to be more GDPR compliant? The MagNews Consent Tracker keeps track of consent given by your MagNews contacts.


As of May 25th, 2018, regulation (EU) No. 679/2016, also known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been active and directly applicable to all European countries with the aim to harmonize legislation on privacy and personal data protection in the Union.

We’re here to cover some additional insights on consent, within the context of our new software solution, designed to record consent by interested parties.

Main Topics

GDPR and Consent

GDPR establishes that the processing of personal data must be based on appropriate legal basis, specifying that consent on behalf of the person concerned is an explicit condition of lawfulness.

This is one of the most widely used legal grounds in the world of marketers: in most cases, the relationship between data controller and person concerned originates explicitly from granted consent.

The Regulation – in line with what is already prescribed by the Italian Privacy Code – requires that consent be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous, as well as expressed through clear affirmative action: therefore, except for specific circumstances, tacit or implied consent (e.g. pre-ticked boxes) remains unacceptable.

Nothing new so far.

What changed with GDPR?

At any time, the Data Controller must be able to provide proof of compliance both to the Guarantor and to the subjects concerned, proving that consent was obtained for a specific processing, where consent is the legal basis legitimating personal data processing.

Therefore, preferences expressed by the subjects whose data we collect (usually our contacts) must be comprehensively recorded and preserved.

However, the regulation provides no pre-packaged recipe on how consent should be documented: each Controller should assess what information they should track on a case-by-case basis, and how to preserve that information. For example, a Controller who collects consent through an online form may consider logging each individual contact’s ticking actions, as well as the IP address and URL of the acquisition page, linking this action to the version of the information published on the website in that moment.

Even though many would want a “GDPR software” that allows them to automatically (and magically) be compliant, this cannot be achieved through a standard solution identical for everybody.

Not just a software program, but a flexible tool for managing the key aspects of the new Regulation

With GDPR, it is more essential than ever to have a flexible and effective tool, allowing Data Controllers to make decisions freely and independently.

MagNews and Consent

It is from the above-described context that we developed the Consent Tracker: a technological solution to help you tackle the regulatory obligations introduced by GDPR.

Let’s have a look at its main features.

Consent Tracker: What is it

The Consent Tracker is a platform addon designed to make it easy to keep track of consent granted by interested parties (e.g. customers and potential customers). It is a highly flexible and customizable solution, enabling you to automate the tracking of any event you deem relevant for proving evidence of consent.

The goal of this solution is to allow simple management of any changes to consent by contacts within your MagNews database/s, in a single environment, thus providing support to those who are required to comply with regulatory obligations introduced by GDPR.

How does it work?

The Consent Tracker allows selective and targeted logging of events deemed relevant for proving consent.

To configure tracking, you’ll need to specify which fields you want written as evidence of consent (e.g. event date and time, IP address, consent identifying fields, URL of the acquisition page, identifier of the “policy” text viewed by the contact, etc.) as well as those you decide to monitor so that the system can intercept any variations.

Tracking will commence when the value of at least one of those fields changes; the system generates a daily log file, which you can extract and keep either inside or outside the platform.

Completion of Information

The Consent Tracker allows for the tracking of both explicit consent acquisition, variation or revocation, as well as any changes to personal data for which consent had been previously given (e.g. email address changes).

Historical Changes

Another essential feature concerns variations to “monitored fields”. All logged information is never overwritten, allowing you to keep track of changes over time.

The added value

One of the most remarkable features of the Consent Tracker is its ability to track consent from multiple touchpoints, both inside and outside the platform. If configured properly, it can for example track changes to consent made by contacts through MagNews forms, or by third parties upon their request through other channels (phone, certified email, etc.) as well as through webservice calls from apps outside MagNews (CRMs, eCommerce platforms, private areas on websites, etc.).

Main features

To sum it up, the Consent Tracker allows you to:

  • Automate tracking
  • Track context information (URL, IP address, date and time, etc.)
  • Store all evidence of consent in the MagNews FTP storage space
  • Choose what fields to keep monitored

A practical use-case

Let’s say a MagNews user wants to create a subscription form to their newsletter, in which contacts are requested to enter their first name, last name and email address, and shown the new policy as required by article 13 of GDPR. Contacts are therefore asked for separate consent for both marketing activities and profiling.

The MagNews user could configure the Consent Tracker so that each time the value of a personal data or consent field changes, a “snapshot” is taken and a record is written to the file, containing the tracked data, as well as the event date and time and other contextual information previously collected (e.g. IP address, consent identification fields, URL of the form page, identifier of the policy text displayed to the contact, etc.).

New additional features are coming

In addition, we have more offers in store to ensure you always have the best solution within the current regulatory framework. One of these will be of great interest to those needing to send newsletters exclusively through encrypted channels.

The Consent Tracker is available right now. For more information, please contact your sales representative or…

Gabriella Pistillo

Marketing Specialist | Diennea - MagNews.