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The MagNews platform has grown into a sophisticated yet easy-to-use multilingual, multichannel marketing & automation platform. The platform ensures the development and management of contact acquisition, loyalty and cross-selling programs while adapting to each clients’ unique needs.

MagNews is available in basic, premium and enterprise versions. Managing mailing lists, progressive profiling, and marketing automation to guide the workflows of specific customer journeys has never been so seamless. Connect CRM and/or eCommerce systems for maximum integration.

Complemented with advanced reports and statistics, it allows for monitoring campaign performance and integration with all main commercial platforms.

The platform is supported by its high-volume email delivery system, EmailSuccess, the first and only MTA solution in Italy.


Founded in 1996, Diennea Srl, set its footprints in Faenza as one of the first expert companies in Internet and Technology services in Italy. In 2000, MagNews (available in SaaS , On-Premise and Hybrid) was launched, a scalable solution for the creation, management and integration of multichannel marketing campaigns.

Today, thanks to its long-standing experience in the management of enterprise IT assets, Diennea has evolved to assist clients with large-scale digital marketing projects and strategies in Brand Awareness, Lead Generation and Engagement development.

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