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No one likes waiting

Appointment allows you to effortlessly manage appointments and communicate with your clients in a timely manner. 

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Time is a limited resource

Discover how MagNews Appointment can optimize your calendar!

Management interface

Complete control over your booked appointments

Specific global users or by individual store / agency, export your booked appointment list, manage / cancel any bookings directly from the platform. 

Booking form

Many options to handle any occasion

Choose the branch / store, use a store locator from the map, choose the date / time frame, use personal and contact data, allow for privacy consent, and modify what you need including cancellations.

Communications and reminders

Email and SMS to update your client

Communicate with your client on different channels throughout the booking process: confirm appointments, set reminders, modifications and cancellations, as well as post-appointment surveys. Do this backed by the power of MagNews email and SMS. 

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