MagNews on Premise

You want to use a software on premise for your Email Marketing? Choose MagNews

In addition to the saas version, MagNews is also available on-premise, with a scalable architecture that can be configured in clusters on multiple nodes, and resizable based on customer requirements. It is ideal for companies that already have infrastructure IT and that, for specific privacy policies, prefer to keep the data on their machines rather than have them on platforms outside the organization (eg. Banks, Insurance companies, healthcare world).

Besides the usual functions available in saas, the main features of the solution are:

  • Support for all major databases (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
  • High reliability support to cluster configurations
  • Support to nosql BigData solutions (Hadoop, HBase)
  • Web Interface for the monitoring of all the architecture’s components by the IT area, with the possibility to have the alert service via SMS
  • Multilevel web application interface (depending on permissions / roles) for the access to the operational marketing: contact management, campaign management / communication, analysis of statistics
  • Web Services, REST / SOAP, SMTP and FTP / SFTP / FTPS support to integrate with enterprise contact management systems (CRM) and business intelligence
  • Can be integrated with LDAP systems for authentication
  • Multiple interfaces to access and send messages (fax, SMS, emails)

You can also configure the application server to use EmailSuccess as server for the sending of transactional and business emails:a proprietary Mail Transfert Agent for the optimization of the sending performances, the tracking, and the deliverability of communications.
The customers on premise can take advantage of both our IT service maintenance and periodic software updates, and help desk support by email and telephone in exchange for a fixed annual maintenance fee