MagNews Salesforce Connector

The connector MagNews – Salesforce facilitates the communication between systems and strategies of all the departments of your company that carry out actions on the CRM, including marketing and sales.

Thanks to data synchronization, CRM contacts are enriched with information deriving from email marketing (clicks, unsubscriptions, responses to surveys, …).


With the MagNews’ connector – Salesforce, you can work both in Salesforce and MagNews environment and you can:

  • Import leads, contacts and campaigns on MagNews from Salesforce, and maintain all the information on contacts and campaigns;
  • Synchronize lists, automatically or manually;
  • Create emails for CRM contacts, with all the templates provided on MagNews and your custom graphics;
  • Set goals for your communications;
  • Have information related to email campaigns (openings, clicks, completion of goals) at your disposal  directly on your CRM.