MagNews Magento Connector

The connector MagNews – Magento allows you to integrate your ecommerce platform with your own email marketing platform. The solution is modular and scalable. In this way, you can:

  • Have a tool capable of meeting your business objectives, through targeted promotions and relevant to the user (one-to-one marketing), such as strengthening the sales from ecommerce, empty warehouse, etc.;
  • Automate the management of campaigns in order not to waste time and make no mistakes.

In particular, the connector allows to:

  • Import the entire ecommerce catalogue on MagNews, with all codes, description, images, etc.
  • Synchronize aggregated data relating to the best-selling products, most clicked, most viewed, to wish lists and abandoned carts;
  • Synchronize the data relating to the behaviour of the single user of the ecommerce with MagNews data profiling, in order to set extremely custom campaigns of upselling, cross-selling, cart recovery;
  • Create communications quickly and efficiently.